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Who Is A Volunteer?

Who Is A Volunteer?

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Who is a Mother's for Mother Earth Volunteer?

Anyone and everyone is a Mothers for Mother Earth Volunteer! Young, old, male or female, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Any one who would like to make a difference by coming together with others.

Do I have to be a Mother to be a volunteer?

A mom can be defined in many different ways. We are Moms to pets, Surrogate Moms, Mr. Moms, Step-Moms, Foster Moms, etc.  Today the definition of Mother has transcended. The best definition I heard was: A Mother is someone that takes care of you no matter what!

If I am a Guy can I get involved?

Absolutely!  You are here on this planet because of a women who became a mother the day you were born.  So naturally wouldn't YOU want to take care of your Mother... Earth?

Can my children get involved?

Mothers for Mother Earth is the perfect organization for kids to learn about taking care of their planet, about the importance of volunteering and personal responsibility.  Most of our programs and volunteer opportunities give you the chance to involve your children with hands on experience as you lead by example.

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