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For centuries Mothers have been considered the backbone of our society.  We influence everything from health and habits to values and beliefs.  Studies have shown our influence is almost twice as great as a father's and three times greater than a romantic partner or friend according to the University of Melbourne's School of Behavioral Science. The study shows the influence continues even well into a child's adulthood.

Many of us have been teaching our children (and sometimes husbands too) the value of taking care of our planet through our daily habits, purchases and requests in our homes.  How much more powerful could that influence be if we came together collectively and were given the tools to not only influence our own family but bring about positive social, environmental and economic change.


Mothers for Mother Earth has a vision to bring together the efforts of mothers and others from around the world to help educate, implement and develop programs and events that inform us of the health, economic, security and environmental benefits of keeping our planet clean and green.  Our vision is to raise the consciousness of everyone around the world by working together to insure our home Mother Earth can continue to be the Beautiful Blue Planet! For without it, how can anything else BE!

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